Research and Development

The College has a Research Committee to encourage and support the faculty to take research projects. The Research Committee members are listed in the below table.

Sl.No Faculty Name Designation Department
1. Dr. Dinesh. K. Anvekar Principal Electronics and Communications Engineering
2. Dr. C. Badarinath Professor & Head Mechanical Engineering
3. Dr. Ramachandra A. C Professor & Head Electronics and Communication Engineering
4. Dr. S. C. Lingareddy Professor & Head Computer Science and Engineering
5. Dr. Bharathi K Professor & Head Mathematics

The major functions of the research committee are as follows:

  • Providing information and research guidance to faculty about the various funding agencies.
  • Encouraging interdisciplinary research.
  • Motivating the faculty of each department to publish articles.

The Alpha College of Engineering has provided technical support and sponsorship for conducting eleven International Conferences in Computer Science and Electronics between 2004 and 2015 in coordination with The University of Melbourne, Australia and University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, Bangalore.

The Alpha College of Engineering has conducted two International Conferences in Communication and Computing in 2014 and 2015.

VTU Research Center

The VTU has granted permission to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of AlphaCE to offer Ph.D/M.Sc(Engg) by research.
Click here to download the approval.

List of Trustees and Faculty Members Completed / Pursuing Ph.D in various fields

Sl.No Name Designation Area of Research List of Publications
1. Dr. Venugopal K. R Technical Advisor Computer Networks, Data Mining and
Signal Processing
2. Dr. Shiva Prakash T Trustee Wireless Sensor Networks Download
3. Prof. Appaiah S Trustee Industrial Engineering

4. Dr. Dinesh. K. Anvekar Principal VLSI and Embedded Systems
5. Dr. S. C. Lingareddy Professor & Head , CSE Cognitive Networks Download
6. Dr. Ramachandra A. C Professor & Head, ECE Computers and Electronics Download
7. Dr. Pradeep Kumar T. V Professor & Head, CE Structural Engineering
8. Dr. C Badarinath Professor & Head, ME Combustion and Propulsion
9. Dr. Bharathi K Professor & Head, Maths Advanced Mathematics
10. Dr. Levina T Professor, CSE Cloud Computing Download
11. Dr. Sunil Kumar G Associate Professor, CSE Cognitive Networks Download

12. Prof. Arun Kumar K Associate Professor, CSE Cognitive Networks
13. Prof. Rangaswamy Y Associate Professor, ECE Biometrics Download
14. Prof. Chandan B R Associate Professor, ME Material Science Download
15. Prof. Manjunathswamy B. E    Assistant Professor, CSE Biometrics Download
16. Prof. Prashanth N Assistant Professor , CE Environmental Engineering
17. Prof. Spurthinath S. P Assistant Professor, ECE Digital Design
18. Prof. Shivanand Gowda K. R Assistant Professor, ECE Human Macine Interface using EEG
19. Prof. Subrahmanya H. M Assistant Professor, CSE Big Data Management Download
20. Prof. Indira Bekanalakar Assistant Professor, CSE Data Mining Download
21. Prof. Girish M Assistant Professor, CSE Wireless Sensor Networks Download
22. Prof. Choudhari M. N Assistant Professor, ME Material Management Download
23. Prof. Sandeep T. R Assistant Professor, ME Machine Design
24. Prof. Rajesh N Assistant Professor, ME Machine Design Download
25. Prof. Muralidhar N Assistant Professor, CE Structural Engineering Download

List of students pursuing Ph.D under the faculty of AlphaCE

Sl. No Guide Name Designation Student Name Area of Research
1 Dr. Shiva Prakash T Trustee Subrahmanya H. M Big Data Management
Sajani G Internet of Things

2 Dr. Dinesh. K. Anvekar Principal

3 Dr. S. C. Lingareddy Professor & Head, CSE Ramaprasad H C Adhoc Networks
Shilpashree S Cognitive Networks
B M Chandrakala Cloud Computing
Shobha I Hugar Microstrip Filters
Sunil Manoli Cloud Computing
Rajagopala M V Cognitive Networks
Kantharaju V Wireless Sensor Networks
Savitha S Computer Networks

4 Dr. Ramachandra A. C Professor & Head, ECE Dankan G Controls Engineering
Shivananda G K Signal Processing
Harish V Signal Processing
Sumitha C V Biometrics
Nithyananda C Image Processing