Principal's Message

  Good teaching learning processes, exposure to modern technology, interactive approach of learning and campus discipline are hallmarks of professional education. Industrial sector looks not only at the academic excellence achieved by the students but also professional personality, communication skills and easy adaptability to a given situation. There is no scope for ragging; parents and students can be rest assured about it. Cherish a dream of building a global platform for higher education to be made available for students who would like to get their knowledge and skill honed along with behavioral aspects.

    Achieving the goal is our motto and the same will be inculcated in students. The faculty & students at Alpha College of Engineering are committed to create an environment that encourages creativity & research. Albert Einstein said, “Scientist investigate that which already is, engineers creates that which has never been ”.

    We at ACE will strive to create exemplary engineers out of our students who will build and design of tomorrow’s nation. There is a conscious effort to bring about research & Inquiry at all levels.

Dr. Suresh Boraiah