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I/ II Semster

Subject Notes Prepared
15MAT11 Engineering Mathematics - I Notes Prof. Lavanya S / Prof. Kiran Gowda S G
15PHY12 Engineering Physics Notes Prof. Smrithi Hebbar
15CHE12 Engineering Chemistry Notes Prof. Asma Jabeen
15PCD13 Programming in C and Datastructures Notes Sandhya Kulkarni
15CIV13 Elements of Civil Engineering & Mechanics Notes Prof. Prashanthi S Sudula
15EME14 Elements of Mechanical Engineering Notes Prof. Sunil R
15CED14 Computer Aided EngineeringDrawing Notes Prof. Sandeep T R
15ELE15 Basic Electrical Engineering Notes Prof. Ramesh T S
15ELN15 Basic Electronics Notes Rangaswamy Y
15WSL16 Workshop Practice Notes
15CPH18 Constitution of India, Professional Ethics and
Human Rights
Notes Prof. Smrithi Hebbar
15CIV18 Environmental Studies Notes Prof. Ramitha
15MAT21 Engineering Mathematics - II Notes